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Creative Building Renovations


Owings Mills Plumbing & Heating

Owings Mills, MD 21117

(443) 509-1015


I want to take the time to thank you for visiting our web page. Our site was developed to showcase our work, introduce clients to our various construction services, and to educate our clients about each job and the challenges that come with them. There is no project in or outside your home that is not without a small or large challenge. The best contractors make these issues look effortless.  Only experience over time is the best teacher. Below on our HOME page, you will find various projects and services we have had the pleasure of completing; and in completing those projects, we have met customers and made friends for years. 


(800) 295-8229

(443) 509-1015

Northwest Business Center

11 Gwynns Mill Ct., Suite K

Owings Mills., Md 21117

Phone: (443) 509-1015

[email protected]

What We Do 

Take a Quick Peek Below

Residential Remodeling Projects

& Home/Handyman Repair


We are set up to do all things in and out of a home. Once we are in your home, we can advise on the most inexpensive way to make your concept come true. if not a major project, no problem, we can repair all issues you present to us.  

Corporate Remodeling

Tenant Buildout

I started in this business working for Whiting and Turner, Madison Mechanical, and others and have gained a wealth of experience to complete tenant buildout renovations. Email us to recieve our commercial portfolio. 

Hard Money lending for Quick Flips 

We are now affiliated with hard money underwriters, and have chosen a niche market to lend money only to investors who buy materials for any rehab. Our minimum loan amount is $20,000.00. Call to discuss this service. 

1. Past and Present Projects (Porch Flooring)

Glyndon. MD

This customer came to us to restore her 200 year old porch in accordance with the HOA requirements and historical requirement of the area. 

Glyndon, MD #2

Carpenter in our Owings Mills shop preparing new Mahogany boards for customers porch.

Glyndon #3

The Final Board applied to customer's porch. Look how beautiful they are. Each board has its own unique appearance, yet when juxtaposed side by side, the boards combine to give a luster of uniformity.

Past and Present Projects (Porch Flooring)

Glyndon, #4

This is the floor from various angles.

Glyndon, MD #5

Glyndon, MD #6

Glyndon, #7

2. Past and Present Projects (Deck & Parking Pad)

Reservoir Hill (Baltimore, MD)

These customers came to us and needed a deck built in 3 weeks becuase they were entertaining approximately 200 people. Look how we incorporated the fire escape into the deck in case of emergency.

Rese​rvoir Hill #2

This was a challenging project as it rained for 3 days in a 3 week period, but we managed to finish 2 days prior to their event. At one point, there were about 40 people on the deck that evening. 

Reservior Hill #3

This photo is taken from the alley looking up. This deck stretched 25 ft.wide and 35 ft. deep from the their back door. It also was a 3 level deck with a parking pad underneath. Multilevel entertaining.

3. Past and Present Projects (Kitchen Reno)

Sudbrook Park (Milford Mill, MD)

This real estate company came to us to do this project. Not shown are the bathrooms. This was an actual flip that initially was purchased for $150,000.00, $80,000.00 in rehab cost, and turned around and sold in 2018 for $325,000.00. It stayed on the market for 40 days.

Sudbrook Park #2

This project was good from the beginning, but instead of using the old infrastructure behind the walls, we decided to use all brand new plumbing to accommodate the floor plan and new fixtures. Often times, customers try to cut cost on infrastructure, and it comes back to haunt them. Just a word of advise.

Sudbrook Park #3

The final touches were made great and spectacular as our finish team spared no talent to give the customer a great final product.

4. Past and Present Projects (Kitchen Reno)

Parkville, MD 

This customer came to us with her vision on paper, all we had to do is make it happen. Very few customers come to the table with drawings, but when you do, it makes my job a lot easier. 

Parkville #2

This kitchen renovation has a multitude of issues, from poor heating and cooling to uneven subflooring. This kitchen dated to 1950s.

 Parkville #3

The floor had 3 layers ranging from tile to linoleum over the years..

 Past and Present Projects (Kitchen Reno)

Parkville #4

My lead carpenter had to widen the doorway from the dining room to the kitchen, and support the opening with 2 x 10 inch beam. He also had to reroute the plumbing in the same wall from an above bathroom.

Parkville #5

My 2nd electrician, the first one I fired, had to run all his electric and upgrade the 150 panel to 200 amps..

Parkville #6

My lead carpenter had to repair the walls where we removed two windows to accommodate the stove and hood area of the new installation. Look at his ability to match up each of the outside wall boards. Great job. A final paint job, and his work will look seamless.

 Past and Present Projects (Kitchen Reno)

Parkville #7  

The customer wanted to use new pine boards, and make them look old and rustic. We both agreed on a dark stain that would give those effects. 

Parkville #8

Cabinets were installed along the former windowed wall with a new vent hood assembly leading to and through the roof.. 

Parkville #9

We installed a pot filler about the stove. We also installed the beautiful white subway tile behind. 

Past and Present Projects (Kitchen Reno)

Parkville #10

The stove fit perfectly between the granite counter tops. 

Parkville #11

The refrigerator did not come by the time we finshed this portion of the job. It would fit to the right of the cabinets above. 

 Parkville #12

The flooring looks outstanding and we made that rustic look come alive in her kitchen. 

5. Past and Present Projects (Kitchen Reno)

Greenspring, MD

My customer Charlie wanted his bachelor pad's kitchen to have a sleek and polished look. He actually picked everything, we just installed. Great vision

Greenspring, MD #2

The countertops were a perfect look. Our installer used a high gloss finishing method to get the look you see above.  

 Greenspring, MD #3

Charlie's condo is small yet functional. The lighting effects above in the ceiling and under-counter, exude a shine that will almost blind you.. The flooring is simple vinyl wood planks. The electric stove was picked to exacly match the hight of the countertop, so one can easily slide pots and pans on and off the surface. 

6. Past and Present Projects (Structual Reinforcement)

Caton (Baltimore, MD)

My customer wanted to renovate this row home for her son in Caton. We had  a series of issues with infrastructure as pointed out by Baltimore City engineers. Namely, the floor and walls.  

Caton #2 (Baltimore, MD)

We solved the unevening of the floor as you can see from the above photo.  

 Caton #3 (Baltimore, MD)

We solved the stability of the whole home by doing several things. First, we used 2 x 10s as cross members to prevent swaying from left to right of the structure. The 2 x 10s were placed in pockets which were concreted in. Next, it was determined that we had to use 2 x 6's to shore up our outside walls of the building. In most gut jobs with city row homes, this is the norm. 

7. Past and Present Projects (Roof Top Deck)

Caton (Baltimore, MD )

Rooftop deck was requested by our B and B customers. These customers wanted to enhance a visitor's experience of Baltimore by enjoying the day and night views of Caton.

Caton #2 (Baltimore, MD)

The rain did not stop this project when these steps were installed. Our company never used nails to install decks. We only use T-25 coated screws, and T-20 coated screws for our ballisters. 

 Caton #3 (Baltimore, MD)

This deck had two levels for entertaining. As you can see the first deck came off of the third floor backdoor.  

Past and Present Projects (Roof Top Deck)

Caton #4 (Baltimore, MD )

These stairs lead from the first deck to the rooftop deck.

Caton #5 (Baltimore, MD)

Another look at the framing.  

 Caton #6 (Baltimore, MD)

Photo taken from the deck to view the framing above from below. 

8. Past and Present Projects (Deck & Fencing)

Westphalia, PG Co.

The Team is starting their ground work. The yellow flags have been marked by Ms. Utility idicating where the gas lines are underground. 

Westphalia, PG Co.#2

The team is measuring the hole depth, which has to be 30" deep to avoid frost..  

 Westphalia, PG Co. #3

The team has cut the 6 x 6 x 12 timber post and placed them in the ground with concrete footers.

Past and Present Projects (Deck & Fencing)

Westphalia, PG Co. #4

The team is adding more holes for post.

Westphalia, PG Co. #5

Another view from another angle.

 Westphalia, PG Co. #6

Completed Deck. Our company did several in the community. 

9. Past and Present Projects (Vinyl Wood Flooring)

Owings Mills, MD 

The team put new subflooring in the livingroom to match the floor height of the kitchen before they installed  wood flooring

Owings Mills, MD #2

The team used the new recessed lighting above to see the floor.. Vinyl flooring is very unforgiving in the installation stage, and has to be installed at a pace where if you make a mistake, you can recover and fix the problem. When using this flooring, I always advise clients to buy 4 to 5 more boxes just in case. 

 Owings Mills, MD #3

From this view, you can see the smooth transition from the livingroom to the kitchen. Most contractors would have used a threshold strip to seprate the two. We did not. 

10. Past and Present Projects (Torch Down Roof Application)

Gwynn Oak, (Baltimore, MD) 

The customer needed an inexpensive roofing application. We decided on a torchdown roof. It took several hours to make it happen, but the end result prove to work 100%. No leaks in the home.

Gwynn Oak, (Baltimore, MD #2)

The men worked on the roof with high winds that day, but stayed focus. This type of roof install is very dangerous as the chemicals are flammable, and a fire could cause several roofs to catch fire in minutes. But my team is experienced, and this ain't their first rodeo. . 

 Gwynn Oak, (Baltimore, MD #3)

The finished roof should look like this and layered at the seams to ensure water travels overtop and to the back gutter, then to the downspouts. 

11. Past and Present Projects (Mini Deck Porch & Sliding Glass Door)

Lochern, (Baltimore Co, Md)

Customers initially wanted double doors to lead outside. The problem they had was a door would have to open inside and would swing at least 3 ft into the dining room. We suggeated a sliding door instead. 

Lochern, (Baltimore Co. MD #2)

We removed an existing window to the diningroom. . 

 Lochern, (Baltimore Co, MD #3)

We opened the area to accomodate a 5 ft by 82" sliding door.. We could not put the usual 6 ft door in this space becuase it would have overwhelmed the space.  

Past and Present Projects (Mini Deck Porch & Sliding Glass Door)

Lochern, (Baltimore, Co. MD#4) 

We then had to make several adjustment to the header and reinforce this wall as it supported exterior walls. The door fit perfectly. It was installed in a day, despite the customer ordering the wrong door which we had to take back before Home Depot closed. 

Lochern, (Baltimore Co, MD #5)

We then started on the mini deck 5ft by 10 ft. The deck was constructed like any other deck we do. More detailed based on the space we were afforded. 

 Lochern, (Baltimore Co, MD #6)

We did add the light and electrical outlets to the back porch as well.   

Past and Present Projects (Mini Deck Porch & Sliding Glass Door)

Lochern, (Baltimore, Co. MD#7) 

We decided since the home owners were senior citizens to keep the steps wide.

Lochern, (Baltimore Co, MD #8)

We then added the risers to keep feet from getting caught when going up the stairs. Not having risers causes a tripping hazard.

 Lochern, (Baltimore Co, MD #9)

Another view of the completed steps.   

12. Past and Present Projects (Home Office Painting)

Owings Mills, Md 

We decided to paint the home office

Owings Mills, Md #2

I believe in using painter's tape, but many people do not know what size to use and where. 

 Owings Mills, Md #3

It took a while to do this office space, and glad I am done.   

13. Past and Present Projects (Sewer Repair)

Woodlawn, Md 

Customer had a sewer main break. We cordoned off the area for safety.. 

Woodlawn, Md #2

We brought in the mini excavator and began digging. 

 Woodlawn, Md #3

We uncovered roots 2" and 4" roots entwined around pipe where breaks occurred.  

Past and Present Projects (Sewer Repair)

Woodlawn, Md #4

Ms. Utility came and marked the GAS line for us.  

Woodlawn, Md #5

We brought in the mini-excavator to dig 12 ft down . 

 Woodlawn, Md #6

This job took 5 days because it rained on us each day filling our holes with water that had to be pumped out. Once we dug, we found tree roots wrapped around terracota pipe.   

14. Past and Present Projects (Watermain Replacement)

Owings Mills, Md 

Customer wanted to change out the blue poly piping that was installed in the early 1990s, and replace it with copper tubing.. In all townhomes, two homeowners share one vault with two seperate meters. It was important when we dug to make sure we did not puncture either line as they are very close.  

Owings Mills, Md #2

We notified Ms. Utility to mark the power lines (in red) and water lines (in blue) underground.  

 Owings Mills, Md #3

We hand dug this property becuse heavy equipment was not necessary as we were only going 5ft below the surface. Many times heavy equipment in small spaces does greater damage to adjacent properties.    

Past and Present Projects (Watermain Replacement)

Owings Mills, Md #4

Copper tubing enters the laundry from underground, then is connected to the main line to supply domestic water.

Owings Mills, Md #5

Copper tubing entering the home underground about 5 ft in depth.  

 Owings Mills, Md #6

The new tubing now connected to the main line must have a county approved backflow preventer installed to protect the home domestic water system from contaimination from outside sources.  

15. Past and Present Projects (Gas Line for Stove)

Owings Mills, Md

The customer wanted to change out his electric stove for a gas appliance We connected a hard piped line above to the gas meter in the laundry room.

Owings Mills, Md #2

The gas line entered the garage area from the laundry room and travelled towards the family room.

 Owings Mills, Md #3

The line then turned left towards the kitchen area. 

Past and Present Projects (Gas Line for Stove)

Owings Mills, Md #4

The gas line then turned up into the ceiling area near the kitchen. Then made its way under the kitchen floor to the stove. 

Owings Mills, Md #5

We decided to put the gas shut off valve directly under the floor where the stove was sitting. We then hooked it up to the above valve. In this situation, you typically have a  shut off valve behind a heavy stove, and in an emergency, it would take the average person a few minutes or more  to pull the stove away from the wall to shut off the valve.